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Idea: These days we use smartphones all the time. To check the weather, text, and take pictures but also to plan out free time and buy tickets. We keep scrolling even when we should sit down and focus. But there is so much going on that you just want to keep Going.

Claim: Szkoda czasu by siedzieć. (Don't waste time sitting/doing time).

The claim is based on wordplay with the name of the app and the word "siedzieć" which means both "to sit" (as opposed to going) and "stay in prison".

Execution: For this campaign, we wanted to create 3 short but memorable videos meant for the internet. All of them presented people who can't resist using the Going. app even though they should focus on something else. Additionally, the plot and jokes were connected to popular polish artists and current events.

We also wanted to use a popular route-checking website jakdojade.pl to show actual events close to users' routes.