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Year: 2021

Insight: Huawei Watch GT3 Pro was the flagship product with an impressive 3 weeks battery life, that premiered summer of 2019.

Idea: Summer is all about adventures, traveling, and meeting people. A proper road trip through CEE region countries marks all the boxes and will be the perfect test ground for Huawei Watch GT3 Pro.

Execution: To spread the knowledge about Huawei Watch GT3 Pro we organized the biggest Huawei social media activation yet. It covered 8 countries, 2 heroes, and 1 car.

We gave the brand new GT3 watches to a pair of travel influencers and send them on a 3-week-long Eurotrip. They visited 8 countries, where they met with the local KOLs and Huawei communities. To engage social media users, in each country heroes took a series of challenges chosen by fans through social media voting.

We managed to create a huge buzz, integrate the Huawei community in the region, and show all features of the watch in an interesting, engaging way.

Huawei 3 Weeks Euro Trip