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Year: 2019 - 2021

Insight: “Our work is striving for perfection, creating refined, functional, and aesthetic things. That's why we need great products that we're willing to pay more for."

Mechanics, roofers, carpenters, builders, and locksmiths, thanks to their skills, create small masterpieces every day. We consider it real art!

Claim: "Stwórzmy razem coś pięknego!" ("Let's create something beautiful together!")

Idea: Giving the work of craftsmen the rank of art is ennobling and motivating. It codes the brand in the way we want - art is perfection, commitment, quality, reverence, precision, and talent.

Such a narrative, departing from the stereotypical view of blue-collar workers in Poland, credible in the history of the company, will be distinctive, interesting, and authentic.

Execution: Art as an umbrella gave me an opportunity to create communication that links Würth products with pop culture in general. The copy was based on wordplay and supported by matching visuals.

Würth Poland